Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj

I work for iGATE Global Solutions as Project Lead.

Why ‘Human Engineer. Simply’

I am an engineer.  I work for human not for machine and I strongly believe in phrase ‘Lets uncomplicate things’

I am passionate about writing poems and stories, of course this comes after my work but sometimes get confuse which one is my priority.

I certainly know what I don’t want to do in life but really not sure exactly what I want to do.

At least looking at below list of qualification, people advise stick to IT career but I am not sure exactly ‘मेरी मंज़िल कहाँ है’.

  • Dual master degrees in Computer Science and Finance
  • MIT Designer Certification- A Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MIT Developer Certification- A Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • JAIIB Certification from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (www.iibf.org.in)
  • ITIL V3 Foundation Certification
  • IBM DB2 700- IBM DB2 Database Associate
  • IBM RAD 256 Certification
  • Member of Project Management Institute
  • HC101 – Insurance fundamentals
  • HC201- Paying a claim
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Certificates in JCL, COBOL, VSAM, DB2 from Brainbench and Techcheck

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Akshay Pujari said:

    execellent stuff ..

  2. good

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