I am not sure what should be correct title for this article, whether it should be

‘What Should be Perfect Ratio between Male and Female Employees in a Competitive Enterprise’ – Too much of management-jargon-type.

‘What Value add Women Do in an Organizations’ – I love if I could use ‘girls’ rather than ‘women’ but don’t know how it will appeal to my serious intelligent reader 😦

‘What is Perfect Women Ratio for a Healthy Project?’

‘Do We Really Need Women Employees at All’ – I know many productivity-concerned-managers may ask this question also.

To maintain the balance and make it light article I chosen to ’Do We Need Women Employees’ as title.

 It was 6:45: PM when my old account head called and reminded to attend the meeting which he invited me for same day at 7:00 PM. Subject of this meeting was ‘What Should be Perfect Ratio Between Male and Female Employees in Competitive Enterprise’. Now you can imagine why I have told too much of management-jargon-type.

Two things, I never understand why in IT industries all important meeting are planned in late evening. I really don’t know if it is due to our spoiled habits of keep awake in late night (we all know what he did in nights in colleges) and get up late in morning – habit which we get from college days or really to match up the client time zone which all managers says but I doubts  and second why we keep so serious and boring names like CAR – Causal Analysis and Resolution, Quarterly forecasting, Root Cause Analysis etc all about typical managers-loved-words related to rational thinking, reasoning, trend discovery, future prediction etc. I don’t know if they ever spend evening time with their beloved ones leaving out of those fuzzy words. I am not resistant to it but what I want to convey here is how we can un-complicate things, which are easy to digest and perceive by our dude brain.

I have been invited for this meeting as I am the part of the recruitment panel of my organisation. This meeting was organised by HR team and all recruitment panel members along with one member of excom(one more fuzzy word, yeah its executive committee) was also planned to attend this meeting.

 As never expected, this time we started the meeting on time due to precious time of our great excom member. Even though few expected attendee, could not come on time. Dhwani, well dressed business HR partner, only women in the boardroom, floated the agenda of the meeting. I wonder if she really can participate and vote for the topic as she deserves the most, but she was only facilitator not the attendee.

People started with their thoughts. One manager mouthed that they can not comply with 40% women ratio as it hit their productivity. Other gave tone to same thoughts with other lines like it is really difficult to manage maternity leaves without impacting projects deliverables and ever increasing client expectation. Many other members are spoken in support of the same lines. I don’t want to list all the comments as it may dilute this story. Dhwani’s ever smiling beautiful face turned to pink. I don’t know why I was gazing the most beautiful face in campus rather than participating in discussion. Somehow I, the youngest person in boardroom, was not interested to speak in front of all big shots. My account head who brought me, pushed me to speak something, I don’t if that is why he brought me here to have some voice come from his account also.

While rubbing my palms I stand up I don’t know why I stand up, may be when you are confused better stand up and express.  I uttered, question is not ‘What Should be Perfect Ratio between Male and Female Employees in Competitive Enterprise’ or ‘What Value add Woman Do in an Organizations’ or ‘What is Perfect Women ratio for a Healthy Project’ or ‘Do we Eeally Need Women Employees at all’

But real question is can we really achieve the objective of this meeting without inviting any of our women employee. Can we get the right answer from this crowd who consider women as headcount filler and cowcatcher. Dhwani raised her eyebrow. I don’t know if it is in my support or in my opponent. I continue, we are not discussing about female ratio but we questioning to potentiality of 3.5 billion women, 50% of total headcounts on this earth. In a split of second, seems like I became villain of this manlike meeting. I continue throwing my thoughts, research confirms that women tells less lies and take less sick leaves. They are not very aggressive in demanding promotions, fat salary packages and onshore luxuries. They also switch less job compare to us. What they need is just cool, calm, work-life-balanced work and nominal growth. Can any of us imagine a HR division without a woman. Dhwani shrugged her shoulders. Can we do a better job in front desk? If we are king of rationality and analytics they are queen of psychology and use experience (don’t get me wrong here). We are not alternatives but are in accompaniment to each other.

Is anybody here disagreeing with me to the fact that any of us can do a better job of facilitating this meeting, better than Dhwani. I don’t think even CEO our company will also disagree with me. Mr excom in plain milky white shirt raised his eyebrow and all members burst into laugh I don’t know why I told and that they understood.

Next day we got an email from most-beatiful-girl-in-campus-Dhwani saying that we decided to maintain guideline of having 40% females employees at project level. I feel accomplished I don’t know why.

“The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it, usually does not know what he thinks.” ~ Mortimer Adler

Better Express yourself……………….