**************************************A Short Story Written by Me*****************************
This story is about Amit who works in multinational software firm, with a decent title and handsome salary. He works with colleagues from IIT, IIM, NIT and many other esteemed institutes. He could not get into IIT but completed education from a decent college in Bangalore. His passion associates him from MIT and IIBF and many other prestigious institutes. He has all the happiness and luxury, what he can expect at this age in life. A successful young man with high degree of pride and respect in society.

He pretend to his friends and colleagues that his breakup with his first girlfriend Monika (at class 12th)  did not impact him much. Even though he shows inflame not getting into IIT due to his teenage-first-love. But still exhibit relaxed as he managed to get into decent college in Bangalore. He is happy with current luxury lifestyle. He justify that his breakup turned to be fortune for himself. He is usually known for lessons given to his friends like – ‘never lose hope because life won’t end if you stop living. Just keep in mind whatever happens, happens for the best and always remember after a hurricane you can see those seven beautiful colors what we call as a Rainbow, which starts a new beginning afresh with a new story and once again ends up teaching a new lesson’. Don’t care about about girl who dumped you giving a lame reason that you are not rich enough to satisfies her long wish list in life. To his friends, Amit is deeply thoughtful person bagged with lot of life learning lessons.

But what Amit is, only Amit knows.

One fine day God comes to his dream and ask him –

“I am happy with your honesty and high-degree-citizenship-life. I came here to give you any one of your first two passions of your life ‘IIT degree or your first love’. You have one day time to think and give your choice back what you like”.

Amit did not take a moment and answers promptly – ‘My first love”’.

God was bit surprised and astonished as he has expecting him(being tech savvy) to go for IIT degree, which intern give him much money and fame as Engineers community is discreditable for being rational and logical.

God asked him why you chosen ‘your first love’ rather than IIT degree. When you talk to your friends seems like you hardly cares about you first love and proves like break up turned to be fortune to you.

Amit simply replies –
People says you are out of reach of emotion and feeling. I don’t know how to explain to you but let me give a try(engineer’s way of explaining by letting you know your limitations first, you still agrees, if you could not get any thing, assuming ‘maybe I am not getting but what he is saying, makes lot of sense, he seems to be right’)

You can try and distract yourself through religion, working yourself to death, exercise, food, anger, friends and going out, but you still miss what you want most, which is a loving connection. When a baby born what he needs most is love and affection which he gets from his mother. Financials and socials aspects come latter which he get from his father. I can earn more money from other means. As time passes, I may feel like some other degree like IIM maybe more beneficial to me. But nothing can fill the gap created by your first love. In some lonesome nights, if I think back about my first two passions, I only remember my first love a way beyond from IIT. If I look back my life, I don’t remember how many zero-defect-successful releases I have implemented or in how many world-class-programs my program is printed as developer. You least care how difficult it was to write my first C++ program but I do remember how challenging and fascinating it was, to write my first love letter which never get posted/handed over and still I keep in my diary and read whenever I feel like out this world. No other tonic in this world can give that much relief to me, what this piece of paper gives to me. When I says to my friends ‘Don’t care about about girl who dumped you giving a lame reason that you are not rich enough to satisfies her long wish list in life.’, same time my subconsciousness silently utters to me “Monika, At least you would have waited for me to prove my self in life. I left IIT for you and you left me, due to ‘not getting into IIT’ the ultimate climax I could think in any story. Monika, life is like a race where we keep marble ball in spoon keeping in out mouth and runs, if you come first also it doesn’t matter if you loose ball out of spoon. You can win the game only if you pass the race with marble ball in spoon carrying in your mouth. I never wanted my selection in IIT and our breakup at same day.”

Every man carry the same baby heart throughout his life and only three person know it better, are his mother, his first girlfriend and his wife(making God to realize that if you try also to get near to it what I am saying, you can not understand, as being male you are out of the scope of this class of people).

God says ‘I got it’(Maybe in his mind still confusion is there, where he is right or wrong. But that is how engineers are trained to satisfy client and Amit seems to be highly successful in such cases where client is friend or God doesn’t matter. Client is client that’s all we have been taught).

I wish if Amit would have got such training in his teenage, this story would have not been written and you would have not got chance to read it…

Interesting facts out of this story –

  • Men tells lie to friends and colleges but normally(exceptions are there) be honest with with three person, his mother, his first girlfriend and his wife(Ladies believe me I am revealing hardly spoken ultimate truth of men community)
  • Engineers community is discreditable for being rational and logical(Engineers please excuse me!!, I know I am also one of you :-(, as enough engineering fluid is injected in all of us in our graduation to hit our DNA)
  • We men, value affection and love more than money (I know many women gangs are ready to challenge me on this)
  • Men cares more to their spouses(I know girls will disagree with me, but I may get enough support from women on this topic)
  • People tells lie who says that they forget their first love. Allow me to be little more bold, people don’t forget their love(first, second, third or …………) throughout their life only condition is it should be love not the just fluttering.



Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj