• Why I should be called ‘Human Engineer’ any more?
  • ‘I work for people not for machines’ is this still applicable to me?
  • Am I a good team leader, forget about team leader, am I really a good team player?
  • Am a good friend?

It is Monday, November 2012, 11:45 PM, I am upset, full of anger and all those questions are coming in my mind again and again after my all effort to forget them. ‘Human Engineer’ a name discovered by my team for me, for being a people’s leader, seems meaningless to me now.

Although I was busy with working on WSR (Weekly Status Report), some critical issues with client and with preparing absence status report to my onsite coordinator who is just back from India today, after long emergency stay in India, but definitely these could not be count as ‘excuses’ for not wishing to your teammate for her birthday(comes once in a year) and that also when your manager has reminded team for her birthday.

I know is it is not acceptable to call to your friend(birthday girl) at 8:35 PM(whole day is gone without wishing and may be, she will be going to sleep now) and wishes her ‘Happy Birth Day’.
But still I did(just to be honest) Seems like a post production fix to me in first look. Why it was not identified in production install. A poorly managed release. Being realistic, I will not say ‘not well planned’, as install date was not known to me in advance. A language, a software engineer will know better. A profession which I never like due to, love to human and hate to machines.

In software release, it is easy to pull back code from production, fix the issue and move the code back in production with some explanation to management and following some emergency fix / code pull back guidelines. But life events are not like pulling the code back, it is working which emotions and feelings which are not known and predictable like program output. Life mistakes are more costlier than engineering mistakes. In latter you may loose the project but in first you many unbound relationship. Ultimately we all are social creature cares for relationship. So how to avoid that in future, no answer- just be more aware. Thats all.