PAUSE for an Instant and Think Again

PAUSE for an Instant and Think Again

We are busy, we are extremely busy. We are busy so much that we don’t have time to think what we are doing and what our ultimate goal is. Don’t you think this encouraging ‘can do’ attitude is killing us internally? We simply follow popular quotes like ‘I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry about what I’m projecting to the world. I’m just busy being myself’, ‘The busy have no time for tears‘, ‘Being busy is being successful’, ‘Success count really on how much busy you seems to be’ without thinking who told them in what context. You will be surprised to know, if I say that ‘Being busy is being successful’ and ‘Success count really on how much busy you seems to be’ are not written by any famous successful write but by me. If you are not agreeing with me with all this, hold your breath. I may be wrong. Frequently am. Allow me to lend your eyes and ears to take you to journey of the world from my perspective.

Welcome to my unconventional-commercially-unbuyable-unpopular-nontrendy-unfashionable-unsytylish-uncool-perspective-world.

Most of the time, we are busy doing thing we should do not what we want to do. It could be due to family pressure, peer pressure or social economic pressure. We are choosing popular choices, whether it is clothes, shoes, systems, phones or anything. Even we are selecting our education which is popular and trendy. We are playing a never ending rat race and trying to chase others without caring why they are part of this rat race and what really pushed us to be part off. We are busy looking forward but hardly care of rare skill of looking backward, analyze and learn. Possibly that could be the reason; people are more interested in technologies subjects which forecast how it will shape our future rather than philosophy which expands our thinking or history which tells what happened in past. But we often forget that history also tells us how much technology and other past-futuristic subjects has really impacted world compare to what was really claimed, a review/outcome based analysis process which we utilizes in all industries but forget to apply to our life. We give so much importance to future that we forget to live pleasantly in present. We are ruing our present, in between the fear of our past mistakes and hope for our future dreams. We forget ‘what we know’ gets us success but what really count is ‘how much you know what you don’t know’.   

We all sell and purchase dream and if you really want to see best place to experience the dream-bazaar, go and see the wall street/dalal street – share market. Prices are changed 10%, 20%, 30% and even more, some time in a single day jut because people consider that prospects of the enterprise has changed even though nothing or very less has changes on ground level.

Let me show you some examples.

I asked one of young man who joined industry recently and is very much optimistic about his future dreams. I asked him a question what qualities he will looks in his girlfriend or in girl whom he want to marry. Here is the unedited text what he said ‘She should be beautiful like angel, intelligent, working with fat package and should cook food like great chef, she should obey me in the means and should belong to be rich family”. Don’t you think intelligence along with beauty itself is rare combination in female species, what about other top up requirements? Just kidding, let’s come to the point. Imagine millions of youngsters who are looking for life partner filled with tons of contradictions in their requirement. Now imagine how their life will be after marriageL.

I am not going to show you some statistical data here to show their chances of success or probability theory blended with arithmetic data to forecast outcome, I don’t like making thing complex which are difficult to be digest by our brain. I am also not saying don’t dream. What I want to stress on is – dream, keeping your feet on earth and realities of the world in heart Warren buffet once told money in packet is great but once it goes in head it makes you blind decision maker.

Other story is for a senior experience professional. This guy was doing really well after completing his engineering from a decent college. He decided to go for MBA as he got bored out of his work, I asked him how the life after MBA, when I met him in a meeting. He told that he is bored of management work as there seems no fun and trying for analyst role as that seems very interesting and challenging. He wants to enjoy the moment when he will be successful analyst. I wonder if he has joined engineering because it was popular and trendy that time or financial analyst which is a cool-fashionable career option now. I will leave decision to you.

What I want to highlight here is that often people, forget to enjoy the journey and run behind that single moment of celebrating success. You can multiply your happiness million times if you know the art of celebrating journey rather than moment which is just a fraction of it.

I can tell you numerous such stories and can draw countless such lessons but billion dollar question is, whether I am not running in rat race of a being a good writer J or showcasing my analytical thought process. Just to clarify I am also the product of the same education system, society and environment but able to take a pause for an instant and think again to change the frame of reference.

So I will conclude here that do whatever you want not what you should do in socio-economic-family pressure or what is popular and trendy.

Writing this article is what I want to do, not what I should do. Now it’s your turn, act or be acted upon, choice is yours!!

I will leave you with some thoughts which I want to pass on to next generation. We all are biased, it will be wrong if I say I am not biased. I may be biased for my writing, family, profession, education etc. As a human being, I know, we can’t avoid bias, so I will tell to my children to be biased to as many things as they can, to nullify the bias and have holistic approach to world across boundaries. I am a son, husband, father professional, writer and Indian but before everything I am human.

Finally I will urge you, take a pause for an instant and think again…